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Art Work

My parents being artists all their life, I have always been surrounded by art and creativity. They ensured I never ran out of supplies and encouraged me to let out my creative spirit. My sister and I were given bundles of art paper and a hundred art, craft and origami books. Years have gone by, …


Besides my love for art, there are also some other things I really enjoy doing. Playing the piano is something I've always enjoyed. I manage to practice my piano for several hours everyday. I am also very fond of sports. Football and athletics interest me most. I'm not much of a book reader but…


I never realised the importance of travelling till I was done with school. Though we were taken on multiple trekking trips throughout school, independent travelling is something that can teach you things travelling with a group cannot. Come explore the places I have!

Testimonials / Quotes

Testimonials / Quotes

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Semester 4 over! Summer break begins! Looking forward to the fun and work experience waiting for me!