Nasik 2015

It was that time of the year when the summer break had just gotten over but the winter break was too far and Ada and I had already started missing Mom and Dad. With a super long weekend coming up, Mom and Dad decided to fly to Mumbai so the four of us could take a short trip to Nasik to visit the Sula Vineyards and chil. We drove down to Nasik from Mumbai. It rained like a bitch but the drive was really beautiful. We stayed at Adiem's Home, a super cute homestay that Mom found on AirBnB. It was so warm and cozy and the best part about it was...

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Aurangabad 2015

After a sinful week full of toxins, beaches, beer & butter fried calamari in Goa, I decided to get myself a week of detox. For months Saumya (my best friend) told me about her home away from the city in the middle of lush greenery, amazing weather & ma ke haath ka khaana. And to think of having a detox week with my best friend in a place surrounded with all that beauty was, well, a great idea!

I took an overnight bus from Mumbai to Aurangabad and honestly I was horrified because I had never taken one before but if I wouldn't do ...

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She had stayed at home all afternoon

She had stayed at home all afternoon waiting for the children to come home from school, so that she could tell them.

She usually never looked forward to meeting the kids. In fact she never really interacted with them much. Only when they insisted would she spend a little time with them but otherwise she was quite an arrogant woman and her body language spoke quite loudly of it. Even her body for that matter; sleek, sophisticated, a cold conceited egoistical creature walking around with a chip on her shoulder. But when you've been with ...

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Mumbai Over Chandigarh

I was born, brought up and schooled for 18 years in Chandigarh. I used to really like my city because of it’s outstanding beauty and the weather and my friends of course. But then I interacted with its people.

Here I shall express my dislike for Chandigarh and the basic differences between the two cities I’ve lived in and why I would prefer Mumbai over Chandigarh.

Ever since we were small, my parents made sure that Ada (my sister) and I lived our lives the hard way and to the fullest. They said it and they said it...

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