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Hi, I'm Anya!

If you've landed on my website, you're probably curious about who I am and what I do. Here's me in one minute.

Based in India, I am currently working as a Social Media Strategist at a digital marketing agency called RedAlkemi. I'm 23 and passionate about developing and executing strategies that help businesses establish a strong online presence. In the workspace, I look forward to challenges that demand innovation, responsibilities I may not be equipped to handle, leading and managing my team.

Outside the workspace, I enjoy spending time with my self, family and my animals. Living life on a farm, I spend plenty of time outdoors. I adore nature and am also a solo traveler. Other interests I have include playing the piano, exploring new music, staying fit and taking care of myself.

Good nutrition, introspection, open-communication, happiness, honesty, and sensitivity to the environment are a few things I value deeply.

Although there is a lot more to me than mere 169 words, click around to discover more.

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