Aurangabad 2015

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After a sinful week full of toxins, beaches, beer & butter fried calamari in Goa, I decided to get myself a week of detox. For months Saumya (my best friend) told me about her home away from the city in the middle of lush greenery, amazing weather & ma ke haath ka khaana. And to think of having a detox week with my best friend in a place surrounded with all that beauty was, well, a great idea! 

I took an overnight bus from Mumbai to Aurangabad and honestly I was horrified because I had never taken one before but if I wouldn't do it at the age of 19 I'd probably laugh really hard at myself at the age of 23.  So I go onto the bus and drake'd myself to sleep and before you know it I was in Aurangabad early morning with Saumya and her beautiful parents waiting to pick me up. We drove to her house and the coolest part about it was that it shared its territory with (and belonged to) a huge company that her father worked for called MAHYCO - Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company, and my detox week with a scientist in the house just got better because I absolutely love science! 
I was welcomed with some yummy chai and aloo ke paranthe, after which Samuya and I watched a couple of movies and caught up with each other. The weather was beautiful! We went for a walk and I rode her bicycle too. There was just wild greenery everywhere! We made plans to explore the Ajanta caves and the city the next day. 
We woke up early the next day, on a beautiful Monday morning, got ready, ate a big breakfast and left for the Ajanta caves. We travelled to the caves for about 2.5 hours just to discover that the caves are shut on Mondays for maintenance! Samuya and I were in splits of laughter. A situation like that would make someone rather angry but we decided to let it go and come back the next day. And so we did! And it was beautiful, the walk all the way into the caves and seeing all that carving on the stones and to see how well it's been maintained provided it being hundreds of years old, it was great! 
On my last day in Aurangabad we watched my favorite movie Pretty Woman in Saumya's room. She had a mini projector so we set that up and stacked her bed with a billion pillows and it was super cute. I wouldn't spend my last day before college starts any another way! It was perfect.
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