My Top 5 Conscious Skincare Brands in India

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Organic and simple beauty is something that’s been a part of my life for a loooong time. I was always a freak for all those home remedies with haldi, ghee, besan, rice, sugar & coffee scrubs and more. Cut to now - when I still use all that occasionally - but have had the chance to try some fantastic Indian brands that offer clean, green, honest and organic skincare products - ensuring the best for both you and the planet.

All of these brands package their products in glass bottles - which is a big concern for me. One would think that I give more importance to the contents INSIDE of the bottle. But hey, what about the bottle?

Products that are stored in plastic bottles absorb all the bad things from the plastic - leaving you with (TA-DA!) skincare products infused with plastic. I try my best to refuse plastic bottles, simply because I’m trying to go zero waste starting with my bathroom.

Here’s a list of my top 5 Indian beauty brands that are essentials in my daily skincare routine. Found mostly over Instagram and word of mouth, these conscious beauty brands in India are doing their best to make sure their ingredients are naturally derived and highly beneficial for our skin, while making sure that everything they produce and package is eco-friendly and pro-earth.

Here’s a list of my top 5 Indian beauty brands

Homemade by Nina 

Grandma recipes, with their unwavering faith in the ability of nature to find solutions - Homemade by Nina is home remedies for skin and hair issues coming to life! The softness of this brand is communicated thoroughly not only through it’s products, ingredients but also through it’s branding. Gotta love a brand that has it all covered. 

My favourites from this brand: The Seaweed Face Scrub (works like MAGIC and leaves my skin soooo soft!) I use it on right before my face wash. It doesn’t look or smell great, but it sure does work! I also love the Organic cotton washcloth (your ordinary loofahs aren’t a patch on this one!) and the 12 Herb Hair Oil that’s been goooood food for my hair. I see a difference (I also smell like a south Indian snack with this shit on my head). But who doesn’t love smelling like fresh dosa?

Conscious Chemist India

Added to my skincare routine sometime around the beginning of November 2019 - The Green Goodness Kit from Conscious Chemist India embraces the goodness of Hemp Oil and Matcha Green Tea. We’ve often heard of the benefits of taking hemp oil, hemp seeds and matcha green tea orally. It’s great to see a brand trying to include the goodness of these ingredients in a skincare ritual - probably one of the first skincare brands in India to try this!

My favourites from this brand: The Green Goodness Kit. I use the Face Cleanser and the Face Moisturizer from this brand in my morning skincare routine. 

What I love about it is the texture, smell and results. My skin adapted to this new face wash in 2 days and even started glowing. It smells kinda citrus-y and the face wash isn’t too high on the foam. The cream is light yet very moisturizing, smells delicious and keeps my face hydrated through the day.- despite me having the worst habit of touching my face quite a bit.

Enns Closet

A brand that believes in the power of nature, Enns Closet is my go-to brand for products that ‘nourish’ me. While they have a good range of cleansers, moisturizers and toners - I tend to lean towards the products that take a while to show results. Oils, serums and balms are a hit with this one!

My favourites from this brand: Their Volume Up hair oil works fantastically on my dry and thin hair. I love hair oils that only need to stay in for a bit - and this one needs to stay on your head for about half an hour to an hour. Another favorite is the Tangy Cooling Gel - it’s not joking when it says it leaves a ‘cooling effect’. This is the stuff that plumps up my face. I use this along with the Drop the Bags under eye serum.

Vaunt Skincare


A brand that focuses on providing AM & PM solutions - Vaunt Skincare has Daily Skin Solutions that cater to Dry, Oily and Combination skin types. To get you rolling, they have starter kits for each of these skin types - making it easier for you to pick the products you want to try on yourself. This brand is 100% vegan and cruelty free and their mission is to strive to address ever skin concern for every skin type. That’s a win-win for everyone!

My favourites from this brand: Since I have combination skin, I opted for some of the best products for my skin type. These are the Daisy Extract + VitB Face Wash (not foamy at all but effective at leaving your face super fresh). I follow this up with the , Multivitamin Super Hydrator (which I usually use at night because it’s light and gives me the feeling that my face is taken care of while I’m sleeping) and the Vitamin C Water - which acts like a potion for better skin the next day, can be used in the day and the night - but is recommended to be used with a sunscreen. 

*Uses plastic to wrap their bottles to prevent breakages and leaks.


A brand that’s got it right all the way from packaging, to marketing themselves - just like their brand, their ingredients are subtle and embrace nature and all that it has to give. KRBN really do deserve more attention, for their products are well designed and effective.

My favourites from this brand: The Cocoa Mud body scrub, made with coconut oil, mint and cocoa is one of the best body scrubs I have tried! Absolutely love the feeling of the exfoliate content that slowly melts away while I rub this on my skin, and the mint adds just the right tingle to it. There’s no doubt I step out of the shower fresher and mintier than ever with this scrub!

There you go! A list of my current favorite skincare products and brands! I love exploring new products but the HUNT IS REAL. The idea is to find just the right product for myself, and STICK TO IT. I’m at a point right now where I feel I may be surrounded by too many products for my skin and hair - but I will eventually cut it down to the ones that were made for me and my skin type.

What I see constantly is brands trying to opt for friendlier options for packaging. So while all these products are delivered in glass bottles, these brands have to be cautious about delivering products intact - which is when they end up using small amounts of plastic to wrap their bottles.

When I work closely with these brands, I try my best to give them feedback about their packaging and product. I must say that the response has always been positive! Kudos to a lot of brands out there trying their best to make their products and packaging 100% biodegradable or recyclable.

I hope this blog helps you find the right products for yourself too - with the end goal of a better skincare routine that’s kind to your skin and isn’t costing the Earth! Follow my work on Instagram to discover more conscious brands focusing on fashion, lifestyle and skincare.

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