Nasik 2015

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It was that time of the year when the summer break had just gotten over but the winter break was too far and Ada and I had already started missing Mom and Dad. With a super long weekend coming up, Mom and Dad decided to fly to Mumbai so the four of us could take a short trip to Nasik to visit the Sula Vineyards and chil. We drove down to Nasik from Mumbai. It rained like a bitch but the drive was really beautiful. We stayed at Adiem's Home, a super cute homestay that Mom found on AirBnB. It was so warm and cozy and the best part about it was that it was only about twenty minutes from the Vineyards. 

The next morning we drove to the vineyards and lucky us, it was Independance Day, which also meant that it was a dry day. Well we couldn't binge on any wine but we did look around the place and it really was beautiful. It was a dry day, but we had our own alcohol of course! We went back to where we were staying, took a little nap and then brought out all our alcohol and started our night. I got so drunk and this was during the time when I had started seeing Arjun, so in my head I was really flipping it out of sheer excitement. It was a rather drunk night.

The day after was fortunately not a dry day. We drove to the vineyards again and had a fabulous lunch at a restaurant called Soleil by La Plage. We finished bottles after bottles of wine and got super drunk, yet again! Did I forget to mention that I absolutely hated wine? I did! And this weekend changed most of that. I fell in love with wine! We went back home, and repeated the night before. We made the most out of our last night in Nasik. 

It was finally time for us to leave and get back to Mumbai. Our stay was incredible and our hosts were extremely sweet. Mom and Dad left for Chandigarh the same day, after a delicious lunch at Sanchos. 

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