She had stayed at home all afternoon

She had stayed at home all afternoon waiting for the children to come home from school, so that she could tell them.

She usually never looked forward to meeting the kids. In fact she never really interacted with them much. Only when they insisted would she spend a little time with them but otherwise she was quite an arrogant woman and her body language spoke quite loudly of it. Even her body for that matter; sleek, sophisticated, a cold conceited egoistical creature walking around with a chip on her shoulder. But when you've been with someone from the beginning, it's hard to have no emotional attachment with them. 
This day was a little different. She wasn't quite herself. She was quiet. She didn't eat her food, she didn't go for her morning walk, she didn't even look at the cleaning lady - which was a little strange because even though she never spoke to her she would still acknowledge her existence. To say the least, she looked a little worried. Like she had bad news to tell or a confession to make. So she waited. She whiled away the morning in bed until she couldn't sit in one spot anymore. She walked around the house, inspecting, observing. She even ran her fingers over random keys on the grand piano to kill some more time. She would usually exit the house to meet a few friends for high tea but she didn't do that either. She had nothing to do but to wait and wait a little longer for the children to come back home. With every school bus that passed by, she hoped to see the kids step out of the bus and walk towards the house. But she gave up on that soon after an hour and a half. She couldn't wait any longer. The delay made her anxious. The children should have been home by now. 
Tired of waiting, she decided to take a little nap. She had a hard time getting her mind off things but she slowly dozed off to sleep. The door bell rang and she jumped out of her bed, dodged every piece of furniture in the house and reached the front door. She showed a little too much excitement for the vegetable vendor. Even the cleaning lady gave her the looks. Exhausted and frustrated she started walking back to her bedroom, up the stairs, when she saw a shiny yellow school bus make a stop on the main road. Yes. The children were finally home. 
She knew she had to calm down a little so she asked the cleaning lady to get the door. The kids walked in, flung their school bags on the couch she usually sat on and made their way to the kitchen. She followed them till the kitchen and then to the dining table where they sat to eat their lunch and finally decided to tell them what she was so eager to tell them. 
"I need to tell you kids something", she said. 
"Shoot!", said Viren with a big bite of his favourite bacon sandwich in his mouth. 
"What is it?", said Anya. 
Your father came back from his meeting in Greece last night.  Did you meet him in the morning? 
"NO-NAW-REALLY", said Viren, still hogging on his sandwich. 
Well, I saw him! In fact, I met him last night itself. I heard the car come in and the engine go off. Then I heard a few car doors open and shut followed by footsteps and then I heard lady with the automated voice who speaks when he puts his fingerprint on the door lock! I heard it all. He looked tired. He dragged his suitcase and he was holding something in his arms. It looked like something I'd never seen before. I can't quite describe its shape but it was wrapped in something that looked like a transparent sheet with bubbles on it and it had the letters F R A G I L E written on it. It looked quite tempting. 
"It's called bubble-wrap", said Anya with a cocky expression on her face. "And that's probably the replica of the Grecian Urn that he bought specially for mom. Apparently they're hard to find and super expensive! Hah! So much for being a fake"  
"Yes, about that. I couldn't help but try and figure out what was inside all the beautiful bubbly wrapping." 
"Wait. Where is the urn?", Viren tossed the corner of his toasted sandwich on his plate and pushed his chair back with his feet on the ground. He walked around the house, his eyes looking for an urn wrapped in transparent bubble wrapping. 
"I was waiting all day for you to come back so I could tell you!" 
"What did you do to it?", asked Anya with just the right amount of threat in her tone. 
"It just looked so tempting and pretty at the edge of the table! I just wanted to have a look at it. I didn't mean to drop it", she said in her sad, helpless voice. 
"You WHAT?", shrieked Anya. "You are in so much trouble woman! So much trouble!" 
Viren and Anya frantically looked all over the house to find the not-so-structured urn. After searching for a few minutes they knew exactly where to look. They found it stashed under the table next to the fireplace. That's where Trix hides everything. They took it out. It was just a bag now. A bag with a hundred fragments of beautifully painted, fake yet expensive ceramic. Trix was horrified. 
Trix looked at the floor and took a few steps back. She put her front paws together and sat and looked up at Viren and Anya with guilt in her eyes."I'm so sorry", she said in an unimaginably miserable voice. For a cat who never showed any emotion, Viren and Anya were taken aback. 
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