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  • December 6, 2019
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Over the years, Sri Lanka has become a popular destination for travelers from all over the globe. Not only is it a tropical island with some of the most scenic landscapes, but also a country close to India - a fairly popular destination for globe trotters. Very often, it becomes the ‘next country’ for people to visit after India. Sri Lanka has lots to offer; from food to beverages and water sports to relaxing, it is ideal for the laid back holiday you’ve been looking for.

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, is one of the first places you’re likely to land in. Most Sri Lanka goers land in Colombo, stay a couple of days to plan their trip, and then head to the next destination. And we all know it’s essential to start off your trip on a good, comfortable note!

While you may be staying in Colombo only for a couple of days before you head off to explore the island, there’s a perfect stay for you in the heart of Colombo. Srilax Stay is a cozy, comfortable and affordable stay in a Colombo, about an hour from The Bandaranaike International Airport.

All the rooms at Srilax follow a minimalist theme. With ample of natural sunlight making its way into the room and beige and white tones, Srilax makes you feel right at home. With lush green plants and cane accents in all rooms, you’re bound to feel close to nature in this tropical setting. With only five rooms, Srilax focuses on giving you the best experience during your stay here.

If you’re wondering what the best room for your stay at Colombo would be, check out these straightforward descriptions below to see where you fit best!  

The One

The very first room as you reach the first floor, where all the bedrooms are, ‘The One’ is one of the coziest rooms at Srilax. With the biggest windows looking over the garden, The One showers you with natural sunlight through the day. Bright, sufficiently spacious and airy, this room is perfect for visitors that need their basic requirements fulfilled. With a touch of modern and contemporary decor, The One serves crisp and comfy vibes for your vacation in Sri Lanka.

The Twins

As the name suggests, The Twins offer a living space for 2 guests - ideal for friends, colleagues and your little ones that demand separate beds! This room is also interlinked with ‘The Queen’, making it the best bet for families. That’s right! Stay close to the kids while getting your own space. This room has shared balcony access with The Queen, and overlooks the front veranda and entrance of the scenic property.

The Queen

Adjoining The Twins and the ruler of all rooms at Srilax, ‘The Queen’ is a suite perfect for families and couples. With a cozy lounge area and accessible balcony, the Queen is your ideal home for a longer stay-cation. Add a secret door to The Twins, and you have The Family Room. The most spacious room of Srilax, The Queen also has a wardrobe that ensures your belongings feel as settled in as you do! Feel free to stack your favorite books on the minimalist shelving on the walls - making you wanna snap that for the gram!

The Nook

The Nook is a spacious room, and most definitely has my heart! With the cutest, coziest reading space - and interesting books for you to read, we bet it’ll be your favorite too! The room had a small wooden desk, and a cane chair to lounge on, with a lovely little balcony from where you could see the open air backyard of the cafeteria downstairs. A favorite among most guests at Srilax, the Nook has a special vibe.

The Middle

Cozily tucked between The One and The Nook, The Middle is the all-rounder room! With a Queen sized bed and shared balcony access, this room is perfectly suited for couples and backpackers! Although all rooms at Srilax are Insta-worthy, this one has a special place in our hearts.

Irrespective of the room you pick, be sure to enjoy a strong WIFI connection 24/7, Air Conditioning, overhead fans and exceptionally tidy bathrooms en-suite with beautiful patterned tiles. It’s worth mentioning that the shampoo and conditioners provided at the Stay are nourishing and delicious, unlike most hotel toiletries. Basic necessities like toilet paper rolls and soft towels are provided by the stay.

You can also look forward to waking up to a wonderful fragrance of Sri Lankan coffee and the faint sound of your favourite pop songs playing at the Cafe Kumbuk downstairs.

Conveniently located in the heart of Colombo, Srilax Stay is also surrounded by plenty of creative and design oriented spaces for you to enjoy. Srilax recommends a visit to all places. It’s easy to plan your days and nights with the ‘City Guide’ so thoughtfully provided by the stay - making sure you make the most of your holiday!

We bet you’re already looking forward to your stay at Srilax! Cherry on the cake? They also offer airport pick ups to ensure you don’t have to worry about a thing! Get in touch with the team to book your stay, figure out the best room for yourself or for any other questions you may have!

A glorious mix of City, Soul & Stay - lay back and (S)relax at the warmest stay in Colombo.


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