Hi, I'm Anya!

I'm 24 and passionate about leading a lifestyle that is centred around low-waste, sustainability and nature. On most days, I work as a Social Media Strategist at a family run Digital Marketing Agency called RedAlkemi. The weekends, however, I dedicate to creating content for my Instagram page.

I started talking about low-waste living, mindful consumption and sustainability somewhere in March 2019. Before that, and just like most other millennial girls, I'd say I was an aspiring 'blogger' or 'influencer' on Instagram. To put it simply, I was fond of being clicked and posting images that added little to no value to the lives of people who were following me.

In February 2019, I suffered the most devastating loss of my life, my Father. And it made me question every single thing I did. The words I spoke, the thoughts I thought, the things I did, the food I ate, the products I bought, the people I followed and the content I put out for people to consume.

Soon, none of it made sense to me - it made me realise that I was adding no value to my audience whatsoever.

My father always believed that it's all in the brain. It's all about the impact you make. He always said "When all your materials and money are gone, when all your belongings are gone, when you're left with nothing - that's what your true value really is."

His words will stay with me forever.

The values my father taught me became stronger when he left us. It made me question everything I did and made me align my values to his values. It slowly seeped into every corner of my life  - including the content I chose to create and publish on my social media.

Ever since, I took a stand and a decision to build and work on this niche. A subject I strongly believe in, a subject that is refreshing, unique, much needed and most importantly - makes a difference.

I now create content around conscious brands in India that are doing a fantastic job towards offering sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. My content especially focuses on fashion, skincare and lifestyle. My aim is to help you build a wardrobe, lifestyle and skincare routine that's kind to earth and beneficial in the long run.

Here's hoping I leave my mark as I try and sway more people to move away from fast fashion, chemical induced skincare routines and lifestyles that are being suffocated with plastic. Here's to living a life that promotes local artists, designers, creators and small businesses in our very own country. Here's hoping for a bright, safe and healthy future!

Follow my work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anya.gupta/