RedAlkemi (April 2014 - May 2014)

1. Illustration for HR policy handbook

One of the most fun internships I've had. I was required to draw about 70 sketches depicting various HR policies of the company. Managing to put across these messages in the form of pictures and sketches was a little difficult but a lot of fun!

2. Comparative Analysis for online art galleries

To make an analysis report for the online growth of Indian Art Collectors, I had to do a check on various online art galleries and compare their online growth parameters (likes, shares, posts). Doing this gave me an insight into growth rates, growth inducers and an overall idea of online art and its appreciation.

3. Conducted and analysed the 16PF personality test for the employees at RedAlkemi

This is one of the most interesting projects I've worked on. It required all the employees at RedAlkemi to fill out a Personality Factor questionnaire, consisting 16 questions. Once that was done, I referred to a standard result card and analysed the characteristics of each employee. This was then turned into a consolidated excel sheet and each employee was given a report of his/her scores. This is an essential test that is conducted in organisations. It is a test that is important to understand the behaviour of an organisation as a whole and also gives us insight into what can be changed/improved.

4. Social Media Marketing Head for OnPowerWeb

I am currently social media marketing head for a product/service called OnPowerWeb. It is a user-friendly tool that empowers students and professionals to build  effective web profiles that help them get discovered globally. I am passionate about building websites and am also a freelance Web Designer.

EduBlaze (April 2015)

Designed Aptitude test

An aptitude test needed to be designed for students who would be sitting for a pre-test. This test was of a certain difficulty level and had various categories under which the questions were placed. These categories consisted of General Knowledge, Grammar, Aptitude, Problem Solving Skills etc.


CHKOUT (Feb 2016)

Content curating under Travel and Fashion

CHKOUT is an application for awesome recommendations. It is a place which complies all the possible good recommendations across various categories like Fashion, Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Nature, Tech, Music, Apps, etc. I curated content under the categories Travel and Fashion.