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'I spent a lot of my childhood going on trips with my family admist nature, running around fields, being happy and merry. There was never any pressure to excel at school and I was given endless artistic freedom to make and create. The only prerequisite my parents had was to never to hurt anybody. This played a big role in how my future shaped up. I always believed that virtual platforms are the best mediums to curate for captivating content and portray the aesthetic. But, for the longest time I did not express my true feelings or the reality of life on Instagram as I always just projected the sunny side of my life very much like everyone else does. Things changed drastically earlier this year when I lost my father. The values and lessons he taught me seeped through every aspect of my life. That’s when it hit me that all my activity on Instagram didn’t add the slightest value to my audience. I decided to pick a meaningful niche for my content and stick to it. I was very responsible towards environmental concerns. To contribute to the well-being of the planet and to minimize its negative impact on the environment, I got involved in sustainable fashion. I aim to establish myself as one of the most authoritative sustainable, ethical and conscious influencers in India. This transformation that I'm aiming for will require a lot of hard work and most importantly a change of habit. But it’s all going to be worth it in the long run.' said Anya Gupta #sustainablefashion #ecofriendly #sustainableliving #mumbai #india

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Anya Gupta wears our Dusky green Kimono Jacket ???? | PATCH OVER PATCH | Kimono for lazy beach days. #Repost @anya.gupta (@get_repost) ??? Using my beautiful @patchoverpatch_upcycled cover up in between dips in this amazingggggg water ???? I love being close to nature! Physically, mentally, and recently even with the clothes I wear on my body. It all feels right and it all seems like it’s going in the right direction. This up-cycled jacket was super handy. Perfect for flights ??, morning & night cover ups while I do my routine ???????? and even as my jacket for work! #LowWaste and efficient - just how I like it ????♥? . . . . #ecofashion #sustainablefashion #minimalism #greenfashion #textilesofindia #indiantextile #weavesofindia #slowfashionblogger #indiansustainablefashionblogger #ecowarrior #sustainableblogger #sustainableclothing #EcoOOTD #SustainableOOTD #patchwork #upcycled #slowfashion #upcycledfashion #beachaccessory#beachkimono #kimonojacket #contemporary #patchwork#patchoverpatch #colourandform#madeinindia#layouting#colourblock

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Meet @anya.gupta, a sustainable fashion blogger who practices and preaches building a wardrobe and lifestyle that’s kind to the earth. She also promotes organic skin care and a zero waste lifestyle through her tastefully done posts. ? ? Anya speaks about what makes a brand sustainable?? ? “When I choose to purchase something from a brand, I now take into account more than just materials. I ask about their packaging, processes, story, dyeing materials, innovation with being eco-friendly, appreciation for people who create your clothes and the way they choose to market their brand. But there are some brands embracing sustainability in different ways too! ? ? One such brand is @renge_india, on interacting with them, they told me about all the things they do to reduce their environment footprint. Besides working with sustainable fabrics like cottons and linens, they also hand embroider pieces to personalise, stitch pieces only when ordered, run 30% of their factory on solar energy, support their local NGO's and spayed more than 150 stray doggies in the last 6 months! ? ? Any brand that can bring together their love for fashion, building a community, love for strays, the environment and the future of our planet deserves more attention! “? ? We’re always on the lookout for such brands and wish that more brands move towards sustainability in multiple ways.? Post @anya.gupta ? ???? @sidak? ? ? #ConsciousToday #SustainableFashion #SustainableFashioninIndia #ZeroWaste #Earth #OrganicCotton #Nature #GoGreen #ClimateChange #Sustainability #Environment #SaveThePlanet #PlasticFree #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #ecofriendlyliving #ecological #gogreen #sustainablelifestyle

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"My childhood was all about family, nature and creativity. My parents encouraged me to build a life around these 3 things. They made sure that my sister and I got enough time outdoors and that we never ran out of clay, paints, art paper, supplies and origami books! My father’s value about living life shaped me as a person, the kind and quality of life he built for us and the life I live today. He emphasized on living a life made of experiences, closeness to nature, giving back, making a difference and leaving a mark. He’s the most phenomenal person I am ever going to have the pleasure of knowing personally. He left us in Feb 2019. With his passing, nothing made sense to me. I questioned everything I did. The words I spoke, the thoughts I thought, the food I ate, the content I used to post on Instagram. Life instantly became shorter & time instantly became more precious. I was always active on Instagram, posting content that was meaningless. I was not adding any value to my audience with the content I created and put out for them to consume. I wanted to build a niche for myself that my life was aligned with and something I believed in. I started talking about sustainable fashion, lifestyle and skincare somewhere in march 2019. The experience included a lot of learning. My current lifestyle enabled me to do more of the things that helped create an even more sustainable environment for myself and my family. In the long run, I wish to make a fruitful contribution to the well-being of the planet through sustainable living!"

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submitted by @anya.gupta . . “For so long I have been oblivious to the entire life cycle of the clothes and accessories I buy and the impact it has on our planet. I never took out the time to ask myself some very important questions about things I buy. What are they made of? Why are they so affordable? Where do they really go once they’re unusable? Who made them? Where were they made? Do I really need it? Do I even use it? Mulling over all these questions and digging deeper is what took me from one blog to the next, or one Ted talk to another - only to realize the amount of harm “I” have brought to our one and only home. I probably have about 300 pieces of regular clothing in my wardrobe, HALF of which I haven’t worn in the last 6 months. And while you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re also thinking about the few 15-20 pieces that you really end up wearing all year! The best time to realize this was a while back! But NOW is as good as a time as any. I’ve been so lucky to virtually meet some wonderful (Indian!) women and men, working towards crafting sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical clothing, bags, footwear, you name it!! It’s happening in our own country and it’s an opportunity for us to pause, look around, appreciate, learn and #change ourselves, just a litttttle. And more importantly, talk about it. Something I really look forward to doing more of.” . . . . . #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving #recycle #ecofashion #sustainability #fashionrevolution #upcycling #consciousfashion #ethicalfashion #slowfashion #ecofriendly #fashionstories #slowliving #ethicalstyle #sustainablefashionblogger #capsulewardrobe #secondhandclothes #lovedclotheslast #nothingnew #thrifting #ethicallymade #fairfashion #igcloset #vintage #minimalism #zerowasteliving #ootd #sustainablewardrobe #india

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