I started playing the Piano when I was 5. My mother bought me the smallest CASIO keyboard and I would fiddle around with it all day. Until one day, my mom was returning from work and heard me trying to mimic a song on the keyboard. It no longer remained a toy when my mother saw the potential I had. I was enrolled into western music classes in school and from there on, the Piano has always held a special place in my heart.

I was bought my first keyboard in class 4. It was beautiful and I praticed it all day. My piano teacher Mrs. Oh encouraged me more than ever, and she was convinced that I deserved a stand up piano. She even called my mother to watch me play on an upright Piano to explain to her the difference in a keyboard and a piano. She encouraged her to buy me one. And in 2006, I had an upright piano.

Ever since, my love for my instrument has only increased. My interest in classical music may be very different from my friends who are into rock or rap, but I love it.