I was never the kind to stay home and study or plonk myself infront of the television. Rainy, sunny or stormy - I would always be the kid playing outside. All I have to thank is my school. For instilling this behaviour in me and teaching me the importance of sports.

From the beginning, our school had made it compulsory for all the kids to participate in what was known as the Athletic Meet. A week dedicated to sports for boys and girls of all ages. I was more inclined towards the track events than the field events, but over time I tried my hand at all and excelled at almost all. My favourite events were 100m, 200m and 400m. In the field events, I loved long and high jump. I was also part of the school athletic team. In 2013, my last year in school and the last time I was participating in the athletic meet, I was awarded the Best Athlete trophy.

 Though I always wanted to belong to the school athletic team, my heart belonged to football. Besides playing for all inter-house events, our football team took part in many IPSC football matches.I also bagged 'Player of the Tournament' in 2010.